10th Judicial District

Elect Sandra Donaghy for Criminal Court Judge, 10th Judicial District Bradley, McMinn, Monroe and Polk Counties

 What is the 10th Judicial District?

The 95 counties within the State of Tennessee are divided into 31 districts. Depending upon the geographic location in the State and the respective population of the county or counties involved, a district may encompass as many as seven counties and cover very large areas.

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Our district is the 10th Judicial District and covers the four counties of Bradley, McMinn, Monroe, and Polk. Our population is approximately 200,000. The area our district covers is over 1,800 square miles. To go from McDonald in the south end of Bradley to Citico in the north end of Monroe is over 80 miles. Our district is very diverse with Cleveland the largest City at about 38,000. We are bordered by Interstate 75 on the west and the Cherokee National Forest on the east. Our district contains many scenic mountains, rivers, and lakes. Even though we consider our community to be a paradise, we have to deal from time to time with crime and this district has an effective organization of police and sheriff departments combined with the District Attorney’s Office to keep our communities safe.

Our judicial system includes five courthouses located in Cleveland, Athens, Benton, Ducktown, and Madisonville. To hear civil & criminal cases each of the five judges organizes her or his schedule according to the docket and travels the circuit on a rotating schedule. There are two civil judges (parts I and II), a circuit judge hearing only criminal cases (part III), a chancellor, and a criminal court judge. The district wide courts are separate from the courts each county controls, e.g. Juvenile, Municipal, and General Sessions.

Somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 criminal warrants are issued each year. These warrants generate about 4,000 criminal indictments annually. These cases are split between the two judges hearing only criminal cases.

Please note that the sources for the statistics stated above are from the State of Tennessee Website and the End of Term Report by Jerry Estes, published in 2006.

Elect Sandra Donaghy for Criminal Court Judge, 10th Judicial District Bradley, McMinn, Monroe and Polk Counties

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