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Bradley County - Elect Sandra Donaghy - Criminal Court Judge

Bradley County - Elect Sandra Donaghy - Criminal Court JudgeBradley County is near and dear to my heart. This is home – where I sleep, exercise, walk the dogs, and attend church.  I have lived in Bradley County for 17 years, participated in county activities, and watched this beautiful corner of Tennessee grow.

My husband, Bob, taught high school for Bradley County Schools until he retired this past year.

Bradley County has the largest population of the district and consists of 329 square miles. It has a solid industrial base with some of the lowest unemployment in the state.

Law enforcement offices located in Bradley County include the Sheriff’s Department, Cleveland City Police Department, Charleston Police Department, and the 10th Judicial District Drug Task Force. The county has full time offices for the Public Defender and District Attorney General. Bradley County has three courthouses. These are used for Juvenile Court, Civil Court, and Criminal Court. I have appeared multiple times for court in all three of these locations.

What is new on the campaign trail?

Below are some of the events I have recently attended:

I was a speaker for the Tea Party on 1/21/14 at the Cleveland Court House. 

Taylor School on 1/18/14 for Wayne Henry (4th District Constable).

address Bradley County Criminal Court

Bradley County – Elect Sandra Donaghy – Criminal Court Judge

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  1. danny rose says:

    I would like your election sign in my yard. My address is 860 Oak ST NW in Cleveland. It seems that there are just way too many lawyers interested in getting Amy elected. Thanks, Danny

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