Donate - Elect Sandra Donaghy - Criminal Court Judge

Donate – Elect Sandra Donaghy – Criminal Court Judge 

The State of Tennessee and Federal IRS have specific laws regarding donations to campaigns. In order to follow these I need to say first that campaign donations are not tax deductible.

Regarding how to make a donation, you may send it to: 

Robert C. Donaghy, Treasurer

3815 Woodcrest Circle, NW

Cleveland, TN 37312

Please make checks payable to: Sandra Donaghy Campaign Fund


Here are the Tennessee Laws (remember there are two election cycles – primary and general):

If you give more than $50.00:
It must be by check.

For each donor you must provide your name, address, occupation, and employer. 

Limits for contributions are:

  1. Judicial candidates may not accept funds for the general election cycle until February 7, 2014;
  2. $50.00 is the cash donation limit (per person per election cycle). For example, a husband and wife could give $100.00 per cycle;
  3. $1500.00 is the donation limit by check (per person per election cycle). For example, a husband and wife could give $3,000.00 per cycle; and
  4. If the check is written out of business account the limit is still $1,500.00 (per person per election cycle) for the business types below. The check can exceed $1,500.00 if documentation is provide4d to show each donor’s information, for example a law firm could give $6,000.00, which would be $1,500 for each of four partners; and
    • Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s)
    • Limited Partnerships (LP’s)
    • Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s)
    • General Partnerships; and
    • Should the business check be from a corporation, the limit is $250.00 for both election cycles and only one candidate can receive the donation, even if the check is less than $250.00.
2 comments on “Donate
  1. Drs Sheila and Joseph Edelson says:

    Wonderful site. We believe strongly in your qualifications and values. Its a shame we don’t have more qualified candidates such as you willing to enter public service!

    • says:

      Thank you for your comment on my qualifications. I have groomed myself, and been mentored by others, over the years to serve our community in a judicial capacity. I hope others, like you, will be interested in selecting the most qualified candidates to serve through elected office. I appreciate your support.

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