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McMinn County - Elect Sandra Donaghy - Criminal Court Judge

For three years I lived in Athens. Your county provides many fond memories of not only where I lived and worked but of the things I did with my family, activities at Keith United Methodist Church, and other gatherings within the community. My husband, Bob, was Chief Engineer at Heil while we lived there. I have preached at the Methodist Church in Etowah and am always touched by the beauty of this historic railroad community on the edge of the Cherokee National Forest.


McMinn County is the second largest of the Counties in the district by population. The county consists of 430 square miles. It is strong in industrial employment and the unemployment rate is improving. Geographically, it is the center of the 10th Judicial District. Law enforcement offices in the county include the Sheriff’s Department, Athens City Police Department, Calhoun City Police Department, Englewood City Police Department, Etowah City Police Department, and the City of Niota Police Department. Both the District Attorney and Public Defender have offices in Athens. Criminal Court is located in the beautiful courthouse in downtown Athens where I have appeared many times.



What is new on the campaign trail?

Below are some of the events I have recently attended:

Note: Pictures and videos will be posted as they become available.

McMinn County - Elect Sandra Donaghy - Criminal Court Judge

McMinn County – Elect Sandra Donaghy – Criminal Court Judge

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  1. Jim Alsip says:

    Best wishes, Sandra. You will be awesome! My family will support you totally!

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