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Press Releases - Sandra Donaghy for Criminal Court Judge

Press Releases

Because so much of the population today, utilizes the Internet as an important source of information, I feel that it is critical to acknowledge the postings, which may be available to you – both good and bad.

I cannot guarantee I have given you links to everything that is out there, but I have tried to give you what I could find so that you can be as informed as you can, when deciding who to vote for.

I also encourage you to Google the names of all of the candidates, you are considering or are interested in – such as my opponents. Always remember to search a name in all of the forms it may appear in, such as Sandra Donaghy or Sandra Craig Donaghy, etc. It is likely you may find some very interesting information. Should you have a concern about anything you should find, please feel free to contact me.

Please remember that the links below may not always work as each Website can take down a particular page I may have listed as a bullet below. This is beyond my control, should it happen.

Announcement of candidacy:

I have made my announcements to run in the primary through media across the four counties. Since these announcements are published, I have made links available to you as follows:

  • 1/12/14 Cleveland Daily Banner:–for-Criminal-Court-judge-

  • 1/11/14 Chattanoogan:

  • 1/11/14 Cleveland Daily Banner:

  • Silo Breaker:–for-criminal-court-judge-5_2267660716666257439

My cases:

You also need to know I am always in the news somewhere, as a result of my high public profile and the cases I do. Below are some of the recent articles, which have appeared:

  • 1/21/14 Times News

  • ZoomInfo

  • 11/15/13 Knox News

  • 4/26/13 Knox News

  • 4/19/2012 Knox News

  • 6/17/13 Oak Ridge Today

  • 3/26/08 Justice Dockets and Findings

  • 10/27/11 Knox News

  • On-Line Athens

Recent Gubernatorial appointments applied for:

In the past I have applied for other judicial positions in the state, as have other candidates. In June 2013, I applied for the vacancy on the Criminal Court of Appeals, as did William Brown a candidate for Circuit Court, Part III:

  • TN Courts.Gov

  • 6/17/13 Oak Ridge Today

  • Oak Ridger.Com

  • 6/12/13 TN Courts

  • 6/12/13 Chattanoogan

A book was written about one case:

One of my cases has been turned into a book, so I thought I would include the link:

  • Her Deadly Web by Diane Fanning

Postings you might find to be negative about me:

It is possible you may find something negative, such as the Bud Cash Suit in Federal Court. This plaintiff was a disgruntled person claiming he had been mistreated by law enforcement in a court proceeding. He brought suit against everyone involved from law enforcement to members of the District Attorney’s Office. The case was dismissed in Federal Court. Regarding the McConkey case, during a suppression hearing, the defense demanded that the State turn over copies of the officers’ notes in additional to the reports which had earlier been provided. The State did not have the officers’ notes. Three of the seven officers that testified remembered making notes but had not given them to the State or brought them to Court. The defense attorney said the notes were important for him to effectively cross-examine the officers. The Court agreed and ordered the officers to produce their notes. He allowed the State 30 days to provide copies to the defense. The case was continued to finish the hearing at that time. The defense requested that the State bear the expense of a transcript so he would have a record of what the officers had testified to for the rescheduled hearing. However, before the hearing was held, the officers provided copies of their notes and the case ultimately settled without need for additional testimony. The defendant plead guilty:

  • Justia Dockets & Filings

  • OakRidger

Miscellaneous postings:

As you google my name, you will also discover other postings to the World Wide Web. You could find items related to my church activities and my support for public institutions, such as:

  • 2008 First United Methodist Church in Cleveland, Tennessee

  • 2012 First United Methodist Church in Cleveland, Tennessee

  • University of Wisconsin

Cases appealed:

Some of my cases have been appealed, but none have been overturned. These are some examples I could find posted on-line:

  • 3/26/13 TN Court of Appeals

  • 4/3/96 TN Court of Appeals

Press Releases – Sandra Donaghy for Criminal Court Judge

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