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Elect Sandra Donaghy for Criminal Court Judge

As I meet people across the district and those in neighboring communities, I am truly impressed by the number of people wanting to let others know of their confidence in me.

This part of the Website is a living document and will be in a constant state of flux as I add testimonials and endorsements freely given by others.

Written Endorsements/Testimonials:

Sandra Donaghy is a serious prosecutor who knows how to keep our communities safe. Donaghy’s deep prosecutorial experience and proficiency with every aspect of the Tennessee criminal justice system enable her to brilliantly and efficiently administer valuable public resources. Sandra is intelligent, inventive, genuine, and tailor made to serve as Criminal Court Judge in the 10th judicial district.

Samuel K. Lee (former prosecutor in Anderson and Knox counties, current criminal defense lawyer practicing throughout East Tennessee)


Video endorsements are listed below. Clicking on a picture will take you to YouTube, where you can watch it. As videos become available, endorsements and testimonials will be listed here.

Elect Sandra Donaghy for Criminal Court Judge

Testimonials & Endorsements, Elect Sandra Donaghy

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  1. Doris Dennison Burns says:

    I have known Sandra for 14 years as a friend at church through the choir and Seekers Ladies Circle. We also serve together on the Board of Directors for the Mary Diana Samuel Girls’ Home in Chennai, India. I believe Sandra’s personal actions, speech, participation in community and friendship along with her professional experience and ability make her an unequaled and exceptional candidate for Criminal Court Judge of The Tenth Judicial District.

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